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(of course they watched tons of movies what else could they do)

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There’s a post I’ve seen going round a lot lately that goes along the lines of, “The oppressed are told not to fight fire with fire, but I never hear the oppressors being told not to start the fire.” First off, I totally agree with the message of this. Fighting back is important, defending yourself is important, and sticking up for your rights is important. If we hadn’t done that in the past, the world would be a lot more unfair than it is (and it’s still pretty damn unfair). But there is a difference between fighting fire with fire and fighting hate with hate. Standing up for yourself does not equal verbally abusing and attacking people who are trying to support you for the sole reason that they don’t fit into your minority.

Just because someone is white, straight, cis, or all three, doesn’t mean they automatically hate you and your community. If someone’s a douche to you, it’s fine to be a douche back. There is nothing wrong with disliking individuals. There is nothing wrong with disliking people on the basis of their beliefs (I’m looking at you, Men’s Rights Activists). What’s NOT fine is despising an entire group of people on the basis of something they can’t control, such as race or sexuality. It’s obviously not possible for a minority to oppress a majority (anyone who thinks that is either deluded or doesn’t understand the definition of “oppress”). However, it is possible for a minority to be prejudiced against a majority, and prejudice – no matter whom it’s directed at – is never okay. I’ve seen posts like the above get hundreds or even thousands of notes, and I know I don’t have a right to complain because trans people go through much worse on a daily basis, but that still doesn’t make it all right. Hate is hate, no matter who it’s coming from. 

(I know this is /definitely/ an unpopular opinion, and I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for it, but I’m staying off anon because it’s what I honestly believe. I hate the fact that this site, which started off as a safe haven for me, has become a place where I’m scared to voice my own opinions for fear of being told to delete my blog and kill myself.)



i’m not changing my password. if my blog gets taken it gets taken and i can finally be free of this hell


It was too late, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. It was all wrong. It was all wrong and the male didn’t know what he was supposed to do as he held the small boy in his arms tightly. He was supposed to protect him, be the older brother Karkat could always run to. The older brother who could always keep Karkat safe. Kankri let out a rough sob, wiping a piece of hair out of Karkats face and barely noticing the blood that smeared across the tanned skin and stuck to his hand. It was going to be fine. Karkat was going to be fine. Screams erupted from outside and it made his grip on Karkat tighten, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. It was okay. They were both okay. He squeezed his eyes closed, pressing his face to his brothers and ignoring the cold sticky blood that was all over Karkats forehead and hair. “I love you baby brother.” He pressed a small kiss to his head, the coppery taste of blood all he got out of it. The outside world and its chaos didn’t exist, all that existed was his baby brother. His dear precious baby brother whom he loved more than words could ever express. Karkat was his life, his everything. “Please Karkat.. Please.” He couldn’t protect him. He had failed him. Burning tears started to roll down his face as he tried to keep quiet. He wasn’t going to be found. Wasn’t going to let them take Karkat away. His dear precious little brother. His world was crumbling, a reality he failed to accept trying to force itself on him. “Its all going to be fine now. I’ll protect you. I will never let them again.” He took a quickly cooling hand in his own, hiccuping when it dawned on him that Karkat wasn’t coming ba-.. No. Karkat was going to be fine. He would protect him from now on. Still clutching him close Kankri felt his world freezing, waves of fear crashing over him. No. Nononono. Karkat. Not his lovely small Karkat. His life. Kankri was lost. He was torn apart. His insides were screaming and his outside was stuck silent, wanting to rip apart because the reality was too much. His head was exploding with a truth he refused to recognize. Kankris soul was fractured into a million sharp shards all ripping him apart. Kankri had failed to protect Karkat.


Two lesbifin ocs 

I reely can’t draw bodies oh whale


//I’m laughing because this is just so bad I can’t even. It is the opposite of improvement help


To all those who don’t think the rape joke was a problem, or rape jokes are a problem.

I get it, you’re a decent guy. I can even believe it. You’ve never raped anybody. You would NEVER rape anybody. You’re upset that all these feminists are trying to accuse you of doing something or connect you to doing something that, as far as you’re concerned, you’ve never done and would never condone.

And they’ve told you about triggers, and PTSD, and how one in six women is a survivor, and you get it. You do. But you can’t let every time someone gets all upset get in the way of you having a good time, right?

So fine. If all those arguments aren’t going anything for you, let me tell you this. And I tell you this because I genuinely believe you mean it when you say you don’t want to hurt anybody, and you don’t see the harm, and that it’s important to you to do your best to be a decent and good person. And I genuinely believe you when you say you would never associate with a rapist and you think rape really is a very bad thing.

Because this is why I refuse to take rape jokes sitting down-

6% of college age men, slightly over 1 in 20, will admit to raping someone in anonymous surveys, as long as the word “rape” isn’t used in the description of the act.

6% of Penny Arcade’s target demographic will admit to actually being rapists when asked.

A lot of people accuse feminists of thinking that all men are rapists. That’s not true. But do you know who think all men are rapists?

Rapists do.

They really do. In psychological study, the profiling, the studies, it comes out again and again.

Virtually all rapists genuinely believe that all men rape, and other men just keep it hushed up better. And more, these people who really are rapists are constantly reaffirmed in their belief about the rest of mankind being rapists like them by things like rape jokes, that dismiss and normalize the idea of rape.

If one in twenty guys is a real and true rapist, and you have any amount of social activity with other guys like yourself, really cool guy, then it is almost a statistical certainty that one time hanging out with friends and their friends, playing Halo with a bunch of guys online, in a WoW guild, or elsewhere, you were talking to a rapist. Not your fault. You can’t tell a rapist apart any better than anyone else can. It’s not like they announce themselves.

But, here’s the thing. It’s very likely that in some of these interactions with these guys, at some point or another someone told a rape joke. You, decent guy that you are, understood that they didn’t mean it, and it was just a joke. And so you laughed.

And, decent guy who would never condone rape, who would step in and stop rape if he saw it, who understands that rape is awful and wrong and bad, when you laughed?

That rapist who was in the group with you, that rapist thought that you were on his side. That rapist knew that you were a rapist like him. And he felt validated, and he felt he was among his comrades.

You. The rapist’s comrade.

And if that doesn’t make you feel sick to your stomach, if that doesn’t make you want to throw up, if that doesn’t disturb you or bother you or make you feel like maybe you should at least consider not participating in that kind of humor anymore…

Well, maybe you aren’t as opposed to rapists as you claim.

Time-Machine (via a comment at shakesville.com)


This is an accurate depicition of how I envision Australia.


I just want some friends to go to Twisted with me because I am so sick of Cowboys I could honestly punch someone.